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Shark Sanctuary: One Year On

“And this, these are pa’u mango”, our guide said, pointing to a set of drums as he continued his explanation of the band’s instruments. “Mango means shark. Why shark? Because these [pointing to the drum heads] used to be made … Continue reading

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What’s up with the rori guts?

    Walking along the beach in Arorangi yesterday, I (Tiffany) started seeing sea cucumbers that looked a little… unhappy. Sea cucumbers, called rori here, are often present on the sandy lagoon floor right by the shore, looking a bit … Continue reading

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Three bottles blue

Walking along near Rutaki, I (Tiffany) found a beautiful blob on the beach. This pretty thing is called a bluebottle, and it’s a siphonophore, a type of marine cnidarian much like a jellyfish. There are a few around Rarotonga that … Continue reading

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In with the nu

One of the most iconic experiences when one comes to the islands is the use of fresh coconuts. Well, often what comes first is the first fright on the island, when a coconut falls from a tall palm and lands … Continue reading

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