More about the Cook Islands

The following links can be useful to learn more about the region, conservation, or other topics. Note that these links will take you away from the PICI page, and PICI does not necessarily condone or support the content of external links.

If any links are broken, or if you have other links to add, please let us know by e-mail or in the comments. Thank you!

General Cook Islands information:

Cook Islands Library and Museum:

RaroLens video blog:


Environment in the Cook Islands:

The Cook Islands Biodiversity Database, a wonderful resource for species identification:

National Environment Service, which also has tips for waste management and other issues in the Cooks:

WATSAN, here is their recycling tips page:

Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Program (no active presence in the Cooks at this date, but involved in the region):


Learning Cook Islands Maori:

Cook Islands Maori Dictionary


Visiting the Cook Islands:

Scuba Diver Girls visited the Cooks:

The Mellow Moko blog, see the “Rarotonga” tag

Tourist description of visiting Rarotonga and Aitutaki: Ciaran’s Omnipurpose blog


Sea turtles:

Cook Islands Turtle Project

Sea Turtle Restoration Project: (based in California)


PEW Charitable Trusts, who supported PICI during the campaign: press release

Defenders of Wildlife: here’s their sharks page

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