Passage Surveys in search of sea turtles

It’s great to be back in the water and catching up with the young recruits of Rarotonga!

CITP have recently begun to re-survey Papua Passage where many juvenile hawksbill and green turtles can be found. The passages which drain the lagoon area have long been known as a good area to see turtles although snorkelling here can be dangerous at high tide or in the wrong conditions.

So far we have conducted 6 surveys, each lasting for one hour, and have seen between four and six turtles on each visit.

One of the more distinctive hawksbill turtles seen during the initial 2009 passage survey by Dr Michael White is still present and looking in excellent condition.

Over the next five weeks we hope to be able to survey the passage as often as possible and use the turtles head scales in photo recognition to identify other individuals.

During the surveys there are many other amazing creatures which we see including white tip reef sharks, eagle rays and huge porcupine fish resting on the bottom.






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