The Pacific Islands Conservation Initiative is a new organisation still developing and forming its structure. In moving forward we hope to bring together expertise from all over the world to help people living in very remote locations.

We are currently working towards two teirs of volunteers, being eco volunteers and professional volunteers.

Eco volunteering

We will be establishing formal volunteer programmes aligned to our various projects. The Cook Islands Turtle Project will be searching for field volunteers to complete Turtle surveys in 2012. These surveys will be conducted on remote atolls in the Pacific and will be the first research of it's kind on these islands.

The Aitutaki Lagoon Monitoring Project is looking for volunteers to take part in an 8 week expedition learning and applying tropical marine survey techniques in a lagoon environment. Eco volunteers will be trained and supervised by an experienced marine scientist and expedition leader.

Professional volunteering

Professional volunteers are individuals with specific skills and experience that can add value to our projects. We are open to hear proposals from anyone who thinks they can contribute. Expertise in the following areas is desired;

Media professionals
Project Managers
Fund raising professionals
Research Associates

Note that applciations are screened and assessed for job and organisational fit. Professional volunteers will need to be self funding and self sufficient for the time of their in country engagement.

Contact us at team@picionline.org for information.


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